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TLT were officially born from the meeting of Poddighe bros and Nicola Deiana, in 1996.
In the beginning they're a three-piece band, and the sound is close to Black Sabbath.
The sound turns definitely as Andrea Damiani joins the band.
Here's the real TLT birth!

The genre played ranges from progressive metal to German noise, from experimental electronic to jazz-rock. All songs born live from pure improvisation.

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TLT The studio opening comes during the recording sessions of the fourth Poddighe’s album: “Il sole” (The sun) during which the boys record a song called “TLT”. This song was included into the above-mentioned album. It was august ’97, but you’ll still have to wait some months before TLT’s recording debut.
In fact, during February 1998 enter the recording studio for 5 gruelling sessions during which the 4 songs that compose their first album, “Tecnocolor”, are recorded. 140 minutes of improvisations with a lot of quotations from Jazz-Rock music, and expecially from Miles Davis.
“Gorillus” can definitely be considered the hot track of the album, where heavy metal and African rhythms are mixed together.
Into a few months (March/April) TLT are ready to be back in studio for their second album: “L’esercista”.
Now the jazz-rock (maybe a little bit mannered) of the first record leaves for the real TLT sound: “Il terrorista” contains all the elements that will make the fortune of the following records, the same elements contained in “Il nicolista”, as well.
The title track is a joke about white blues music, as a dull kind of music, with no fantasy. By now it’s just a sterile exercise!
After the relase of the album the band starts a series of concerts. The result of the mini-tour will be documented by the live-record “I remember Bruno Martino”, published in 1998. After the tour’s outcome, the boys decide to take a rest for some months. They’re back in December with the relase of “La morte”: 74 minutes of duration, divided into two long songs.
These two songs are: “L’annientamento”, with its 43 minutes of improvisation about annulment’s theme, and the title track of the album, probably the most difficult song of the entire production of the band. From the album’s sessions it will be taken a song, that will have a place into the album “I colori e le fragranze”, relased in january 1999, containing also the record of a concert of December 1998. But the band is into crisis, and its death is behind the corner.
TLT will stay into a catalepsy state for almost two years, excluded the surprise concert of 19.06.1999, contained into the live album “Il concerto definitivo”.
The state of apparent death will be broken by a great style return.
A new album and a movie to celebrate TLT: “La palpatina di culo”.
The only thing you can do at this point is to book immediately a copy of the movie, studying it very well and stop going to the barber shop and buying jackets!