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A Musician's place for musicians .....  Poddighe Studio is a recording studio for the 70's sound lovers, where the tradition of analog technology is happily married with the facilities of digital recording.
Active from the beginning of the 90's the studio have never give up the analog recording so  the experience of engineers and musicians Carlo and Andrea Poddighe, the owners of the studio, with the analog medium is consolidated...

Based in Brescia, Italy, the studio offers the service of overnight stay in the historical centre of Brescia, under the Ancient Castle of the town.
So, if you are a band or a Songwriter that want to record an album or a song like back in the 60's or 70's here you'll find all the vintage recording equipment and musical instruments you'll need, and you'll find a team of engineers ready to pull out the best sound from your music!!


  • Arrangiamenti brani musicali con strumenti acustici ed elettronici
  • Registrazione audio gruppi musicali in presa diretta e con sovraincisioni
  • Mastering audio
  • Realizzazione colonne sonore e speakeraggi per film, documentari e spot
  • Produzioni artistiche
  • Creazione pagine web
Poddighe Studio